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After a two-game losing streak, the Los Angeles Lakers are hearing the anticipated questions. That would be because of some media attention on this topic, LeBron James is ignoring Luke Walton’s coaching during games. The narrative is that LeBron is again running the show in LA. It’s not too much different from the story in LeBron’s previous teams, such as when he ran the show in Cleveland with Tyronn Lue and David Blatt as the head coaches and when he did the same in Miami under Erik Spoelstra.

Except this time, Magic Johnson, is publicly disputing these types of reports. According to Magic, the Lakers have a particular system that they have in place and that Windhorst’s report of LeBron running the offense is a bunch of hot air.

“The scouts also have noticed that when James is running the point, he rarely looks toward the bench to receive playcalls from coach Luke Walton. Even when he has seen them, the scouts say, he ignores them and runs the play he prefers. Walton has adjusted, and now when James is running the show, Walton will typically just let him call the game. This probably shouldn’t be considered a slight — it’s just James being James.”

If you read that article, it’s not really putting down Walton for kneeling down to LeBron. It’s actually an informative and statistically-based critique that is stating that the Lakers are better when LeBron runs point guard.

I’m not necessarily referencing the whole on-court situation regarding whether or not LeBron runs the offense. We’re referencing the story that the Lakers are in LA and people are going to be talking about them.– especially when it’s something that they can spin in a negative light, the media will definitely talk about it.