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Now that the Lakers are about to play the the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight, Chris Broussard of “Undisputed” made some serious claims that may fire up the current 3rd place Western Conference team.

“There’s only one person in the Western Conference who knows what it takes to beat Golden State,” Broussard said. “That person is LeBron James. The team to beat in the west, outside of Golden State, the biggest threat, is the Los Angeles Lakers.”

As he asserted, the Lakers are the second-biggest threat in the West–despite OKC’s higher ranking at the moment–the Los Angeles team will have to do a lot to prove that fact as they continue to play without LeBron James.

James suffered a groin injury on 12/25 against Golden State and has yet to return, giving the Lakers a chance to either fall on their face or see if without him or prove that they’re more than just LeBron James’s next charity case.

They’ve dropped six of their last ten games, and two of their last three without LeBron, and tonight’s matchup against the Thunder will present a significant challenge for the young Lakers team.

The Thunder are coming off of a 122-102 revenge win against the Dallas Mavericks, where four out of five starters were in double figures, Russell Westbrook nabbed his characteristic triple-double, and Paul George continued to impress with a 22-point performance.