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After what seems like months of bad news for Lakers on the heels of Magic Johnson resigning, and then throwing the entire franchise under the bus with more of his stupidity, here’s some silver lining. That total desuchebag minority owner, Mark Stevens, who pushed Kyle Lowry during Game 3 of the NBA finals, is a Warriors fan, and not a Laker fan…pheeewwwwww!

The Warriors and NBA are hitting back against one of their own.

The fan who pushed Kyle Lowry in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night wasn’t just any courtside fan, it was Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens.

On Thursday, the team and league slapped Stevens with a yearlong ban from all NBA games and Warriors team activities, in addition to a $500,000 fine.

Lowry dove out of bounds to save a loose ball in the fourth quarter and landed on fans in the courtside seats at Oracle Arena. Before the Raptors guard could get up, a man in a blue shirt reached over with his left hand and pushed Lowry’s left shoulder while delivering some choice words.

“It’s really not my jurisdiction,’’ Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “But I will also personally apologize to Kyle and to the Raptors. That’s unacceptable.”

Stevens is a venture capitalist who joined the ownership group in 2013, according to Axios, which first identified him as the perpetrator.