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Like many other NBA players, Michael Beasley has not put down his basketball over the summer, and the new Los Angeles Lakers forward turned some heads with his highlights from the Miami Pro League recently.

So what are the reasons this will work out? 1. His demeanor — he’s a relatively chill guy and will not get overly unraveled and flakey if he needs to come off the bench, which is what he will be there. He will most likely be a backup at the guard position because of his spot-on shooting ability.

2. He plays scrappy defense when he puts his mind to it. He had a very highly coveted defensive efficiency on Miami and that’s exactly what Luke is going to try and get him to focus on.

3. He’s very supportive of the Veterans and can still provide some veteran leadership to the younger core.

We already knew that the Lakers were getting a easy and efficient scorer when they signed Beasley, but the forward hasn’t been known much for his passing throughout his NBA career.

Still, Beasley tied his career-high for a season with a 12.5 percent assist rate last season(which, to be fair, still isn’t great). Despite knowledge of that small improvement going in, the dish below is probably what stands out most from the conversation because it proved that Beasley does keep his head on a bit more of a swivel now and is capable of finding cutters when he’s triple-teamed.

Beasley probably won’t see that intense of defensive attention on the Lakers next season, so he’ll still have to show he can make the right reads in Luke Walton’s offense when presented with choices that weren’t as obvious as that one.

But people also don’t turn into Beasley highlights for passing. The fun of watching the Kansas State product is his pure, unadulterated bucket-getting ability, and this poster slam on the very next play of the video didn’t disappoint on that front.

It’s not known how much Beasley will actually play for the Lakers next season — that will be determined by how he fares in training camp — but if he gets minutes, that type of great footwork should be the expectation, and in limited doses leading the bench offense, it could be a lot of fun as well.